상징동물:거북 교목:소나무 교화:들국화
Univ. Symbol : Turtle

Turtle has long been referred to as the Five Spiritual Animals along with the (oriental) Phoenix, Dragon, Giraffe, and Tiger. In Sashindo, it was thought to be the deity in charge of the north, called Hyunmu. It was also referred to as one of the Ten Longevity Monks

Univ. Tree : Korean Pine

Since pine trees are long-lived, they have long been regarded as a symbol of strong incision and will, as they have maintained their green appearance amid the hardships of rain, wind and snowstorms.

Univ. Flower : Wild Chrysanthemum

Wild chrysanthemums are commonly referred to as wild chrysanthemums that bloom alone. In other words, wild chrysanthemums such as golden chrysanthemums (yellow chrysanthemums), mugwort, and gujeolcho, which are commonly seen in autumn, are called wild chrysanthemums.

• Symbol mark

Total image is “S” which is Symbol of Sehan Univ. and harmonized flying Wing meaning Sehan.
The Posture of Hands in Hand holding each other representing Univ. Students and industry are showing the big world and future life all together.

Blue color in the symbol is to represent Founder’s willings for best education The other Orange color in the symbol is to represent Founder’s willings for the second challenge with young sprits
• Logo type

Logo type was designed for Sehan Univ. symbol with delivering basic image which are well harmonized Founder’s mind.