Department of Webtoon Animation

Modern individuals live in an era of visual communication characterized by simplicity and speed. The purpose of the Department of Webtoon Animation is to cultivate professionals who research and produce the highly acclaimed mediums of comics, 2D, and 3D animation, contributing to the development of cultural and artistic industries in contemporary society. It aims to educate artists and professionals who can plan, produce, and animate high-value creative multimedia content that meets the multi-faceted nature of modern art and the demands of future generations. Additionally, it nurtures scholars specializing in comic and animation arts by exploring the materials, significance, and values of the field through theoretical and practical approaches.
• Educational Goals:
  • Embrace the art world that brings the virtual world into reality: The Department of Webtoon Animation.
• Department Specialization:
  • We will demonstrate the breeding ground for talent that dominates the future of the comic culture industry through education based on practicality and real-world experiences, as well as providing specialized expertise.
• Career Prospects after Graduation:
  • Graduates can pursue careers as educators in comic and animation arts, webtoon writers, comic artists, character designers, children’s book illustrators, 2D/3D game animation producers and directors, special effects editors in film and drama, promotion in broadcasting-related companies, advertising planners, and newspaper agencies.
• Department Office and Contact Information:
  • Department Office: 041-359-6018
  • Department Website: