Department of Speech-Language Pathology

Department of Speech-Language Pathology
• Introduce
  • The department of speech language pathodology is a language pathology major, and it was opened in 1999 for the second time in Korea at a four-year university. Language rehabilitation, which provides language therapy to people who have difficulty communicating, provides clinical practice through language and hearing clinical center in school as well as language pathology major theory. In addition, through a thorough homeroom teaching system, students are instructed to educate experts with sincerity and personality, from study to employment
• Departmental characteristics
  • The department of speech language pathodology, which is a promising field in the future, is a professional job that cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence and trains experts in communication field through certificates.
    This department has a practical clinical training through actual subjects at the language clinical center in the school with the best facilities in the clinical academic field.
    In addition, the department conducts field trips and outside practical training and volunteer work through industry-academic cooperation and business agreements with local communities and related agencies nationwide.
• Postgraduate career
  • Language rehabilitation (Language rehabilitation national qualification)
  • Medical institutions (general hospital, pediatric psychiatry, otolaryngology, rehabilitation hospital, etc.)
  • Educational institutions (specialized schools, education support offices, disability-only daycare centers, etc.)
  • Public institutions (general welfare centers, multicultural centers, rehabilitation care institutions, etc.)
  • Private institutions (children’s development centers, language therapy rooms, language recognition counseling institutions, etc.)
  • Personal Language Treatment Room Operation