Aviation Maintenance Engineering Department

The Aviation Maintenance Engineering Department at Sehan University aims to attract helicopter maintenance technician courses and electrical/electronics maintenance technician courses in addition to aircraft maintenance technician courses. We also plan to independently offer Cessna 172 type training and B737 engine rating training. By constructing storage facilities at the Dangjin Campus and an airstrip at the Yeongam Campus, we will provide the highest level of education in aviation maintenance among four-year university departments specializing in aviation maintenance, following an AI aviation convergence innovation sharing specialization strategy. We will do our best to help you realize your dreams.
• Educational Objectives:
  • Solve aviation technology issues through creative and critical thinking.
  • Engage in self-development and creative activities as aviation professionals.
  • Cultivate a professional mindset based on integrated knowledge.
  • Foster a sense of legal and ethical responsibility.
  • Foster effective communication, collaboration, and teamwork.
  • Cultivate the ability to utilize aviation technology information and demonstrate leadership.
  • Practice aviation technology skills with a focus on promoting a culture of aviation safety.
• Education strategy for cultivating aviation maintenance engineers:
  • Operation of mechanics courses: aviation mechanics, fluid thermodynamics, industrial mechanics, material mechanics
  • Operation of design courses: aircraft design, CAD/CAM, CATIA
  • Operation of applied courses: non-destructive testing, aircraft welding, drone maintenance practice
  • Operation of quality and safety courses: aviation human performance, aircraft accident investigation, aviation maintenance management, aviation safety systems
  • Operation of AI aviation innovation sharing courses: artificial intelligence in aviation, aviation ICT systems, VR/AR aviation maintenance, drone maintenance practice
  • Operation of research and development clubs and thesis presentation clubs
Career Paths after Graduation: Certification acquisition rate improvement strategy
  • Special lectures on certifications such as Aviation Industry Technician, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Non-Destructive Testing Industry Technician, Welding Industry Technician, Wireless Facility Industry Technician
  • Specialized professors for each major
  • After-school workshop openings
  • Clubs for analyzing past exam questions and assisting with practical exams
  • Securing examination sites for Aviation Maintenance Technician and Aviation Industry Technician practical exams
  • Military officer (commissioned officer, non-commissioned officer, military civilian personnel) education strategy:
  • Korean history and intellectual ability evaluation education
  • Securing professors from the Air Force and Army (commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers)
  • Formation of networks with military units (education units, maintenance divisions) and military officers
  • Inviting military recruitment officers for special lectures
  • Clubs for military officers (commissioned officers, non-commissioned officers, military civilian personnel)
Employment strategy in aviation companies:
  • Operation of Aviation Company Employment Preparation Academy – AI interview, VR interview education
  • Collaboration for aviation company aviation maintenance field internships
  • Company visits and employment lectures by industry experts (executives)
  • Collaboration with B737 and A320 type training institutions
  • Pursuit of B737 and A320 engine type training
  • Pursuit of Cessna 172 type training
• Department Office and Contact Information:
  • Office Contact: 041-359-6114
  • Department Website: https://airam.sehan.ac.kr/