Department of Fire Administration

Sehan University established the Department of Fire Administration in 2002 the first of its kind in the country, with the goal of actively cultivating and producing highly skilled firefighting personnel, which were in absolute shortage. Since then, as a leading department in the education of firefighting safety and disaster management professionals, the department operates specialized programs and extracurricular programs for students to explore employment and career paths, with the vision of “cultivating firefighting and disaster safety professionals.” The department aims for an 80% employment rate with dual qualifications for each student.

Graduates of the Department of Fire Administration have favorable prospects for entering the firefighting public service as fire officer candidates, special recruits (firefighters, fire officers), and government recruits (firefighters). Obtaining firefighting-related certifications also enhances employment opportunities in firefighting-related industries. Furthermore, as legislation for fire safety education instructors is being established to promote public awareness of safety, those with the necessary qualifications can expect future placement as fire safety education instructors in primary, middle, and high schools, as well as schools and public institutions.

To ensure a comprehensive education in fire administration and firefighting technology, the department has a proficient faculty of law, public administration, engineering, and other practical fields, who are equipped with firefighting public service experience and national technical certifications, to foster highly skilled firefighting professionals. The department strives to create an environment where students and professors are united in learning, ensuring that there are no shortcomings in acquiring practical expertise.

• Educational objectives:
  • Cultivate firefighting public officers with practical field capabilities.
  • Foster disaster safety managers with character and creativity.
  • Develop firefighting professionals with global language proficiency and collaboration skills.
• Core competencies and qualities: Sehan University’s Department of Fire Administration aims to cultivate professionals with the following qualities
  • Practical field capabilities as firefighting public officers.
  • Character and creativity as disaster safety managers.
  • Global language proficiency and collaboration skills as firefighting specialists.
  • Leadership abilities to protect the lives and properties of citizens from various disasters through firefighting administrative services.
• Specialization of the department:
  • Increase in Civil Service Exam Competition
  • Expansion of Private Sector Career Paths
  • Cultivation of Talent for Public and Private Sector Demands
  • Exploration of Department Specialization Models
• Career paths after graduation: Graduates of the Department of Fire Administration can pursue various career paths, including
  • Fire officer candidates
  • Special recruits and government recruits (firefighters)
  • Public institutions and private associations related to firefighting and disasters
  • Firefighting public service
  • Private enterprises related to firefighting, disaster, and safety management
• Department office and contact information:
  • Department office contact number: 041-359-6019
  • Department website: