Department of Sports Health Management

The Sports Health Management major is a practical academic field aimed at promoting national sports and health by improving the level of sports welfare. It focuses on the development of various sports programs that can enhance the health and quality of life of all citizens through the improvement of sports facilities and equipment, as well as the cultivation of excellent professional leaders. It implements specialized experiential learning and curriculum to foster the cognitive, ethical, and functional abilities of students in the field.
• Educational objectives:

Cultivating professionals who possess not only specialized knowledge but also practical skills necessary for popularizing recreational sports, and who can actively contribute to the promotion of national sports. Developing talents who can adapt proactively to the changing demands of society and lead the popularization of recreational sports.

1) Specialization measures

  • Establishing a Leisure Professional Development Center and utilizing it as a practical training ground within the Department of Leisure and Sports, setting up school enterprises. Contributing to the development of marine tourism and leisure sports by preparing for the era of 5-day workweek, particularly expanding marine leisure sports facilities such as yachting, windsurfing, water skiing, skin scuba diving, motor boating, jet skiing, etc., to create employment opportunities and contribute to the specialization and development of the university through profitable projects.
  • Students can choose one sport and specialize as coaches in specific fields, obtaining relevant certifications.

2) Sports for specialization

  • Baseball, soccer, judo, wrestling, badminton, shooting, bowling

3) Scholarship system

  • Special Admissions Scholarship:
    -First place in nationwide competitions recognized by the Korea Sports Association: 100% tuition exemption for one year
    -Second and third place in nationwide competitions recognized by the Korea Sports Association: 70% exemption on tuition for the first semester
    -Local superintendent competitions, etc., are eligible for half of the scholarship amount provided in national competitions
    -additional scholarship benefits based on annual performance
  • General admission scholarship, civil servant scholarship, welfare scholarship, veterans’ scholarship:
    -Paid according to the school’s regulations
  • Mature Student Scholarship:
    -Exemption from admission fee and 500,000 won exemption of tuition fee per semester for 4 years
• Career paths after graduation:
  • Coaches in community sports fields, leisure and recreation instructors, workplace sports instructors
  • Instructors in community sports organizations, exercise prescription specialists, leisure event instructors
  • Managers and administrators in community sports, sports media-related fields, pursuing graduate studies in sports universities
• License and certification acquisition:
  • Obtaining a 3.2-grade certification as a leisure sports instructor
  • Obtaining a 2nd-grade certification as a coach
  • Recreation instructor certification
  • Water and underwater sports certifications
  • Athletic trainer certification
• Department office and others:
  • Department office contact: 061-469-1376
  • Department website: