Aviation Service Department

To achieve the goal of training airline flight attendants a practical and systematic educational program is implemented. It includes various training facilities such as a MOCK-UP ROOM for in-flight service and safety practice, an emergency evacuation training SLIDE, an IMAGE-MAKING and MAKE-UP ROOM for etiquette and service mindset enhancement, a WALKING practice room, a food and beverage practice room, and a mock interview room. In order to acquire foreign language skills and international awareness, students are required to reside in dedicated dormitories. The program includes one-on-one mentoring through a mentoring system and continuous career guidance (LCGP) system. Students are also encouraged to obtain over 20 qualifications, including ABACUS and wine sommelier certifications. The curriculum combines theory with practical training focused on airline experience. The department aims to fulfill the dreams of career-oriented women through enhanced education and training.
• Educational Objectives:
  • Contribute to the development of competitive aviation tourism service professionals with international cultural awareness and specialized service knowledge that align with the globalization era.
  • Foster a strong service mindset and cultivate proficient foreign language communication skills to produce service-oriented professionals with international sensitivity.
• Department Features:
  • Close communication between professors and students, emphasizing character development and career education through practical experiences.
  • Emphasis on foreign language instruction, particularly English and Chinese.
• Additional Programs:
  •  RC program (after classes)
  • Global Lounge
  • Individual guidance by professors
  • Exchange student program with China
  • Integration of foreign language and professional certifications with the curriculum and graduation exams
  • Various certifications including airline reservation (CRS), CS management, emergency medical care, barista, sommelier, secretarial skills, computer proficiency, and SMAT (service management)
Internship Opportunities:
  • Students of the Aviation Service Department can participate in on-site internships at relevant airlines and companies after acquiring foreign language and computer-related certifications. These internships can lead to future employment opportunities.
Collaboration with Various Airlines:
  • Domestic Airlines: Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jin Air, Air Busan, Eastar Jet, T’way Air, Jeju Air, etc.
  • International Airlines: Emirates, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, JAL, ANA, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, etc.
Career Paths after Graduation:
  • Employment as flight attendants for domestic and international airlines.
  • Employment in ground service positions such as reservations, ticketing, and airport services for airlines.
  • Employment in domestic and international hotels, resorts, travel agencies, duty-free shops, convention centers, and food service industries.
  • Employment as executive secretaries and assistants in corporations.
  • Career opportunities as service consultants, service education providers, and customer satisfaction management companies based on service experience.
• Department Office and Contact Information:
  • Office Contact: 041-359-6124
  • Department Website: https://airs.sehan.ac.kr