Department of Global Business Management

The Department of Global Business Management at Sehan University aims to cultivate creative and ambitious talents who meet the demands of global companies, which are the key players in the global market. The department provides a wide range of subjects such as management, economics, trade, foreign languages, world culture, and entrepreneurship to foster professionals with interdisciplinary skills. Furthermore, the department focuses on developing English and second language proficiency, as well as theoretical and practical knowledge, and enhancing competency-based education programs with a focus on field-oriented and practical training.
• Educational Objectives:
  • Nurturing creative and proactive talents with international business skills required by global companies.
  • Cultivating global market experts who can explore new markets and lead global trade on that stage.
  • Education Curriculum:
  • Developing interdisciplinary skills applicable to practical fieldwork based on an in-depth understanding of ICT technologies.
  • Smart networking abilities based on insights and connections.
  • Value creation abilities based on integrated analytical skills.
  • Foreign language proficiency, cultural understanding, and adaptability for competitiveness in the international business arena.
  • Business leadership with high capabilities and ethical awareness.
  • Career Opportunities after Graduation:
  • Trade Business Manager
  • Global Market Manager
  • Corporate Management Administrator
  • Global Distribution Sales Expert
  • Global Analytics Specialist