Department of Human Services (Management Major)

The Department of Management at our university aims to equip students with the essential competencies needed for the operation and innovation of companies and organizations. It strives to nurture graduates who can play a vital role in the management and operation of companies and public institutions after graduation. To achieve this goal, the department explores various areas, including international economic information (international trade and logistics), local governance (regional development and tourism resource development), real estate information (investment strategies), human resource management (leadership development), silver town management (welfare management), market analysis (marketing), financial information (financial analysis), accounting management (computerized accounting), production management and information technology fields, and tourism management.
• Educational Objectives:
  • Acquire knowledge of trade management necessary for international economic activities to become proactive managers and leaders.
  • Cultivate practical skills such as computerized accounting and computerized tax management in response to the computerization of corporate operations.
  • Acquire knowledge related to finance and real estate investment.
  • Produce entrepreneurs suitable for the era of Small Office Home Office (SOHO).
  • Develop leaders with leadership skills to foster local talents in line with the era of local self-governance.
• Department Characteristics:
  • Competent faculty members with a combination of theoretical and practical expertise.
  • Offer a wide range of majors to implement student-centered customized education.
  • Provide opportunities for proactive response to global changes.
  • Produce entrepreneurs suitable for the era of Small Office Home Office (SOHO).
  • The evening program (for working professionals) and on-site programs in China are operated by the faculty of the Department of Management to establish a systematic and internationally connected human network for professors, current students, exchange students, and graduates, thereby expanding employment and research activities.
• Career Paths and Prospects:
  • Graduates can perform their own business tasks independently through certification in professions such as lifelong education consultants, certified public accountants, tax accountants, management consultants, appraisers, licensed real estate agents, housing managers, computerized tax and accounting specialists, information processing technicians, and quality control specialists. They can also engage in a wide range of tasks, including general affairs, accounting, computer-related work, lifelong education guidance, and management, as well as pursue careers as real estate and financial experts, tour guides, or start their own businesses in the field of SOHO.
• Department Office and Additional Information:
  • Department Office Contact: 061-469-1254
  • Department Website: