Department of Shipbuilding and Maintenance

The Department of Shipbuilding and Maintenance at Sehan University is a double major program offered by the Department of Shipbuilding Industry Maintenance and Convergence Studies. The program aims to cultivate technical professionals in the fields of shipbuilding, design, artificial intelligence, and big data, in response to the prosperous state of the shipbuilding industry in Korea, which maintains its position as the world’s leader in terms of order and construction volume. The program seeks to address the shortage of skilled labor in the shipbuilding industry and train professionals who will lead the shipbuilding industry in 21st century Korea.
• Educational Objectives:
  • Foster technical professionals in the fields of maintenance, shipbuilding, design, and artificial intelligence/big data through interdisciplinary and convergence technology education, in line with the national and industrial demands for skilled labor.
  • Educational Purposes:
  • Provide skilled labor to alleviate the shortage of shipbuilding professionals in accordance with government and institutional measures.
  • Maintain student enrollment through the recruitment of international students in the Department of Shipbuilding Industry Maintenance.
  • Train shipbuilding professionals through specialized education in welding and obtain shipbuilding-related technical certifications.
  • Establish a cooperative system through MOUs with shipbuilding companies to expand employment opportunities.
  • Career Opportunities after Graduation:
  • Ship maintenance and repair companies
  • Shipbuilding companies
  • Electrical manufacturing/facility companies
  • Non-destructive testing companies
  • Machinery manufacturing companies