Department of Sports Rehabilitation

The Department of Sports Rehabilitation at Sehan University focuses on the physical, psychological, social, and vocational recovery of individuals. It integrates disciplines such as exercise and sports, health and safety, prescription and rehabilitation, health education, fitness assessment and instruction, and health and safety management into a paradigm that is based on scientific knowledge and practical experience in physical activity. The department aims to cultivate professionals who can think critically and creatively and meet the future demands in a converged manner.
• Educational Objectives:
  • Blend the fields of physical therapy, which emphasizes physical rehabilitation, and sports health management, which contributes to creative practical sports coaching and national health promotion. The department aims to train professionals in sports rehabilitation who possess theoretical and practical knowledge and are capable of addressing the essential educational processes required in the field of health management and consumer and field-oriented job training.
• Department Specialization:
  • Along with courses on physical examination, fitness assessment, exercise testing, and exercise prescription rehabilitation, students learn about considerations in exercise for individuals with medical conditions, as well as prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation training methods for exercise-related injuries.
  • The department combines adjacent disciplines such as medicine and public health, focusing on maintaining fitness and health, preventing injuries, and facilitating exercise rehabilitation. Students acquire foundational knowledge in the field of health and exercise science while learning about safety measures and training methods during exercise.
  • The department strives to realize the educational objectives and develop professionals who are “creative and integrated health exercise experts and sports rehabilitation specialists.” It actualizes a comprehensive curriculum that strengthens the core competencies students need, based on scientific knowledge of physical activity and practical experience in sports rehabilitation. Various specialized educational programs are developed and implemented to cater to learner-centered education.
• Career Opportunities after Graduation:
  • Graduates can pursue careers as exercise prescription specialists and health educators working in sports health centers or public health offices.
  • They can also enter the field as athletic trainers (ATs) responsible for the rehabilitation and performance improvement of athletes in professional sports teams.
  • Other career options include becoming senior exercise instructors in elderly community centers or specialized nursing homes dedicated to senior health.
  • Graduates can also pursue careers as personal trainers in general fitness clubs or as industrial safety exercise specialists in various fields.