Department of Practical Music

The university, which is nurturing practical musicians who are growing as key players in future society, is led by excellent professors who provide full guidance and mentorship to students with exceptional passion.
• Educational Objectives:
  • Cultivate creative musicians with originality based on a broad understanding of popular arts.
• Department Specialization:
1) Top-level curriculum

  • The Department of Practical Music is committed to producing outstanding popular artists through the highest level of curriculum among domestic four-year universities.

2) Exceptional faculty

  • The Department of Practical Music invites the best faculty members who provide various educational environments in theoretical and practical education, helping students fulfill their dreams.

3) State-of-the-art equipment and practice rooms

  • The Department of Practical Music provides comfortable individual practice rooms and ensemble practice rooms for individual practice and ensemble performances. It also has a state-of-the-art recording studio for practical recording sessions and plays a role in preparing students for professional stages through the use of various equipment.

4) Exchange programs with sister universities abroad (with scholarships):

  • Through sister university affiliations with overseas universities, the department sends exchange students and makes great efforts to support students’ practical performance experiences.

5) Various scholarship benefits

  • The Department of Practical Music makes significant efforts and provides support to students’ welfare through scholarships and awards upon admission, academic scholarships during enrollment, and work-study scholarships.

6) Alma mater of various celebrities such as Superstar K’s Seo In-guk, VOS, TRAX, Battle, Seo In-young, and Superstar K2’s Kim Ji-soo:

  • The department supports students’ broadcasting activities and social advancement in various fields, and has produced numerous stars through joint efforts.
• Career Paths after Graduation:
  • Popular music singers, vocalists, drummers, bassists, guitarists, keyboardists, chorists, professional musicians, and teaching professors, advertising music composers, concert performers, studio session musicians, choir members, musical actors, singer-songwriters, composers, lyricists, arrangers, sound engineers, programmers, production-related professionals, directors of practical music academies, professional instructors, music production planners, producers, directors, art directors, music production planners in recording companies, management companies, broadcasting stations, recording studios, event companies, professional managers, cultural arts-related public and private theaters, performance venues, administrative managers in national, public, and private cultural heritage institutions, cultural arts organizations, and other specialized fields related to administration and policy.
• Department Office and Other Information
  • Department Office Contact: 041-359-6120
  • Department Website: