Office of the President


Sehan University is not only a prominent educational hub in the southwestern region but also in the Hwanghae region. We are dedicated to fostering creative and proactive global talents.

Hello and welcome to Sehan University’s website. Since its establishment in 1994, Sehan University has been continuously striving for progress and transformation, thanks to the passion of its founder, Dr. Kyung-Soo Lee. Along with sister schools such as Mokpo Girls’ High School and Mokpo Science University, we currently have campuses in Yeongam, Dangjin, and Tianjin, China. We offer undergraduate programs in 26 departments, as well as master’s and doctoral programs in our graduate school, where young individuals prepare for the future and embrace challenges, aiming to cultivate tailored talents required by the nation and society. We also anticipate the active involvement and cooperation of the local community in our efforts for regional development. Our university aims to become a nationally recognized employment-oriented institution by dedicating ourselves, together with all faculty and staff, to the cultivation of outstanding talents. Through the specialization of various departments such as the Police and Safety Department, Aviation Department, Arts Department, Health and Public Health Department, and Education Department, we have already achieved significant accomplishments in leading the way in employment. However, universities today require continuous renewal and innovative growth. Based on our educational philosophy and the core value of student-centeredness, we are building our foundation step by step. In 2019, we demonstrated our excellence as an accredited university, but we are not satisfied with that alone. Taking inspiration from the learning effects of challenges and struggles, we will not fear any changes. Success demands a price, so rather than rushing in a limited time frame, we will steadily advance toward long-term plans and goals for preparing the future. The outcome of employment after graduation is a result obtained from the sweat and passion invested in university education. Therefore, during their enrollment at our university, students will engage with passion and dedication in education and practical training, which build academic achievements and the basis for independence. Additionally, our university will demonstrate all its capabilities to succeed in international exchange programs and cultivate global multicultural talents through vision and practicality, thereby adapting to the era of internationalization and becoming a leader in the fourth industrial revolution. We hope that you can unfold your dreams at our university, where tomorrow’s hope awaits. Choosing Sehan University is a decision you will never regret.

President of Sehan University,Yi Sung-Hoon