Department of Sports and Leisure Industry

The increasing popularity of the sports and leisure industry and the changing patterns of national leisure activities have led to a rapid demand for professionals with systematic and specialized knowledge in related industries. In line with this trend, our university’s Department of Sports and Leisure Industry focuses on producing professionals with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills through a pragmatic and realistic approach. The department’s curriculum covers a wide range of knowledge in the sports and leisure industry, including sports industry operation and management, leisure facility operation and support, sports coaching, sports event planning and management, yacht and powerboat handling techniques, marina management, leisure business, resort hotel management, and more. The department aims to nurture top-notch professionals who can lead the future sports and leisure industry.
• Educational Goals:
  • Cultivating professionals with the ability to operate and manage sports and leisure facilities effectively.
  • Nurturing professionals in the operation and management of facilities such as marinas, hotels, and resorts.
  • Providing specialized education to develop professionals capable of coaching various leisure sports and organizing sports events.
  • Developing talents with practical skills, including rescue instructors, emergency treatment instructors, survival swimming instructors, and sports facility safety managers.
• Department Specialization:
  • As a hub of the sports and leisure industry, the department leverages the magnificent scenery and excellent leisure environments along the southwestern coast. With the changing public perception of tourism and leisure, the department embraces the development of various sports industries. It meets the growing demand for specialized professionals in the expanding foundation of future-oriented sports and leisure industries. The department leads industries such as sports and marine leisure, tourism and leisure, and sports facility operation and education. It focuses on producing professionals in sports and leisure industries, marine leisure and tourism management, sports education and coaching, and sports leisure safety management.
Career Prospects after Graduation:
  • Graduates can pursue careers in various fields, including marina operation and management (Seoul, Gimpo, Mokpo, etc.), safety management personnel in (large) hotels and resorts (Seoul, Gyeonggi, Chungnam, etc.), aquatic therapy practitioners, swimming instructors (including survival swimming instructors), maritime rescue teams and water safety personnel, operation and management of public and private sports facilities, sports education and practical work in the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, Korea Sports Industry Development, Korea Institute of Sports Science, management agencies for facilities in the Seoul metropolitan area, nationwide youth training centers, national student marine training institutes, specialized instructors in sports coaching, after-school teachers (able to provide sports coaching for elementary and middle schools), pursuing graduate studies (preparation for physical education teachers and university professors), sports agency-related fields, and sports marketing event companies.
• Department Office and Contact Information:
  • Department Office: 041-359-6122
  • Department Website: