Department of Taekwondo

Taekwondo seeks to harmoniously pursue two propositions: the modern reconstruction of traditional ideology and the application and development of advanced academic knowledge. By doing so, it aims to open up new horizons for academia in the information age of the 21st century and contribute to the establishment of Taekwondo studies and the development of Taekwondo worldwide. It also strives to foster competent leaders with a strong national and global perspective, who can contribute to the development of Taekwondo worldwide by developing competitive and coaching skills rooted in Taekwondo’s origins.
• Departmental Profile:
  • Ideal Talent Profile: The department focuses on fostering practical-oriented talents who lead the local community. It aims to cultivate individuals who are intellectually and emotionally mature through the academic and cultural aspects of Taekwondo, a modern sport deeply rooted in Korean tradition. Moreover, it places emphasis on nurturing outstanding talents with innovative competitive and coaching skills, enabling them to contribute to Taekwondo on an international level.
• Educational Objectives:
  • The Taekwondo Department establishes three educational objectives based on the foundation of “fostering practical-oriented talents who lead the local community”:
  • Cultivating individuals with physically and mentally healthy practical intelligence based on human dignity.
  • Fostering Taekwondo leaders with specialized knowledge, effective communication skills, creativity, and a proactive mindset.
  • Developing practical experts with global capabilities who are closely connected to the local community.
• Education Purposes:
  • Content:

    -Major Exploration: Providing opportunities to explore various fields related to Taekwondo for vision establishment.
    -Harmony of Theory and Practice: Acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the cultivation of Taekwondo coaching expertise.
    -In-depth Practical Education: Providing opportunities for practical experience through Taekwondo coaching practice.
    -Maximizing Employment Competence (Global): Organizing the curriculum of “Taekwondo Internship” that can be connected to domestic and international employment and entrepreneurship based on internships in general and foreign Taekwondo institutions during vacations and semesters.

• Specialization:
  • Sparring Specialization
  • Demonstration Specialization
  • Poomsae Specialization
  • Available Certifications: The department supports the graduates’ career progression by prioritizing the acquisition of the following certifications:

2016: 3 individuals obtained the Leisure Sports Instructor Level 2 certification.
2017: No information available.
2018: 57 individuals obtained the Disabled Taekwondo Instructor certification, and 42 individuals obtained the Disabled Taekwondo Referee certification.
Taekwondo Dan certificate: 1 individual obtained in 2016, and 1 individual obtained in 2017.

• Department Office and Additional Information:
  • Department Office Contact: 061-469-1372
  • Department Website: