Department of Police Administration

Department of Police Administration
• Introduce
  • The police administration department of Sehan University established a police administration department in 1998 and selected the first class students. As of 2011, it reached its 14th term as of 2011, and is recognized for its excellence as the nation’s best police administration department. In March 2011, more than 500 of the 965 graduates, including police officers, worked as police officials, and other university professors, prosecutors, correctional workers, and financial institutions to enhance the status of our police administration department.
• Department Characteristics

Police officers carry out their assigned tasks scientifically and reasonably on the basis of police ethics. The duties of police officers can be divided into administrative and judicial police officers, and from the second grade, the police department of Sehan University divides its majors into police administration majors and police investigation majors, and trains police officers with expertise and ability through education suitable for their characteristics

  • In the last 10 years, Sehan University has recorded the highest acceptance rate of police officers in the nation.
  • Sehan University will exempt students from all tuition fees from the next semester if they pass the civil service exam while attending school.
  • Sehan University is a police officer training academy and operates a police administration department exam center (Provided scholarship for alumni of outstanding students).
• postgraduate career
  • There is a way to be appointed as a police officer through the police executive candidate test, or as a police officer through the open recruitment test for police officers, the recruitment test for 101 security guards, and the special recruitment of graduates of the police administration department.
  • After graduation, students can experience various career paths related to public security, such as general administrative officials, prosecution posts, correctional officials, petition police officers.