Department of Social welfare Counseling

Sehan University’s Department of Social Welfare Counseling aims to cultivate versatile social welfare professionals who can actively respond to social changes by utilizing specialized and practical skills based on the values and knowledge foundation of social welfare. The department conducts research and analysis of social issues through the application of professional and practical techniques, in order to prevent and solve social problems, and provide effective alternatives for addressing and utilizing them.
• Educational Objectives:
  • Cultivating creative talents with the ability to propose and utilize various alternatives necessary for preventing and solving social problems.
  • Developing proactive and dedicated individuals with the competence to actively participate in the problem-solving process using the attributes of social welfare practice, thereby enhancing their employability in social welfare institutions and facilities.
  • Nurturing empathetic individuals with the proper character required for members of human service organizations.
• Curriculum:
  • The curriculum includes major courses in social work, youth counseling, and health and family counseling. It also incorporates foundational learning in personnel management, organizational management, and financial and accounting management, which are necessary for operating social welfare institutions and facilities. The curriculum consists of introductory learning, career exploration, advanced major courses, interdisciplinary internships, and problem-based learning in each academic year.
• Career Opportunities:
  • Employment as social welfare practitioners in social welfare institutions such as local community welfare centers, elderly welfare centers, disability welfare centers, specialized agencies for child protection, elderly protection and dementia care, and youth training centers.
  • Career paths in social welfare facilities such as youth welfare facilities, child welfare facilities, elderly care homes, and comprehensive health promotion centers.
  • Opportunities as social welfare practitioners in schools (school social workers), hospitals (medical social workers, mental health social workers), rehabilitation support centers, and volunteer centers.
  • Career paths as experts in family and multicultural family support (health and family support centers, multicultural family support centers).
  • Pursuing careers as counseling professionals in schools, private and family counseling agencies, child and developmental support centers, and more.
• Department Office and Contact Information:
  • Department Office: Tel 041-359-6077
  • Department Website: