Aviation Logistics Department

The Department of Aviation Logistics systematically educates students with specialized knowledge and creative interdisciplinary skills in logistics, a critical factor determining the future of modern industries and businesses, and aviation transportation. The department aims to cultivate well-rounded individuals who can contribute to national development as practical and smart logistics professionals.
• Educational Goals:
  • Foster creative and specialized professionals who can lead the aviation and logistics industries.
• Departmental Specialization:
  • In the first year, students focus on subjects related to IT skills, personal qualities, and humanities to develop a well-rounded foundation. From the second year onwards, they pursue in-depth courses in logistics as their major field of study.
• Career Prospects after Graduation:
  • Employment opportunities include positions in airlines, airports, shipping companies, ports, logistics departments of general companies, logistics service providers, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, road construction companies, system integration (SI) companies, etc. Graduates can acquire national qualifications such as logistics management, distribution management, inspection, and measurement.
• Department Office and Contact Information:
  • Department Office: 041-359-6124
  • Department Website: https://airtl.sehan.ac.kr