Department of K-POP Convergence

The K-POP Convergence Department at Sehan University aims to provide opportunities for diverse participation activities, enabling students (adolescents) to grow into mature citizens with social engagement and democratic qualities. With the increasing demand for social participation among matured adolescents, it is important to recognize adolescents as citizens and provide them with various opportunities for healthy growth. In the process of establishing departmental curriculum policies, student-led participation, creating an environment for artistic sensibility, and practical education should be emphasized to foster well-rounded multi-players.
• Educational Objectives:
  • Pursuit of practical knowledge integrated with society
  • activation of student-led activities
  • fostering one-person-one-qualification artists
  • cultivating professional cultural individuals to develop practical professionals.
• Graduation and Career Paths:
  • K-POP Music Market
  • K-POP singers, rappers, dancers, professional choruses, composers.
  • Cultivating cultural artists who meet the cultural trends and content market demands of the present era, utilizing vocals and dance.
  • K-POP Entertainment
  • Vocal trainers, dance trainers, rookie development teams, managers.
  • Possessing versatile abilities to discover the next generation talents.
  • K-POP Research and Education
  • K-POP researchers, professors, academy instructors, K-POP-related vocational educators.
  • Acquiring the qualities and skills required by educators in cultural arts education to foster the next generation.