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• Administration Office
Academic Affairs & Admission Office The Academic Affair Office is primarily responsible for teaching, academic performance, courses, and graduation-related tasks necessary for students’ admission and graduation.
Student Counseling Center The Sehan University Student Counseling Center is a counseling place that helps students grow and develop their potential skills and respond to new changes quickly and actively. Students who want to consult can receive counseling through various channels such as phone calls, in-house rooms, or online.
Admission Office The Sehan University’s Admission Office aims to train cultured people with creativity, correct personality and initiative to meet the diverse social needs of the era of pluralization.
Planning Office The Planning Office sets up an overall plan for university development and operation as competition among universities accelerates and social demands such as changes in education policies are diversified. It is also in charge of establishing an optimal educational environment by establishing a reflux system and implementing system improvement through continuous analysis and evaluation.
Management Office(Finance) The Management office(Finance) is responsible for measuring, classifying, summarizing information related to financial activities in monetary units and delivering financial information.
Management Office(Administration) The Management Office(Administration) shall keep official seals and preside over ceremonies and various events. It also supports the overall university administration work such as personnel and teacher evaluation of faculty members, service of faculty members and staff education, document management, purchase of various goods and contract signing.
Management Office(Facilities) This Management(Facilities) department improves efficiency by creating a safe and hygienic building environment (residential environment, working environment) by keeping the building suitable for its original purpose and replacing and improving the building according to the condition. Economically, they prevent major lines in advance and prevent non-economic expenditures through their usual maintenance. The project is carried out to preserve the economic value of managed property by preventing fires, natural disasters, etc. in advance. In addition, the institution manages various materials, machinery, equipment, and equipment in the school, and other matters necessary for the maintenance and management of goods from purchase to disposal in connection with laboratory practices.
Graduate school
• Auxiliary Organization
IT Office The IT Office is a pivotal institution that actively responds to rapidly changing university changes and prepares for the information age of the 21st century. All information necessary for students’ computer education and professors’ academic research is databaseized to support efficient research and teaching work. It is also supporting students’ classes by developing all the full-scale industrial affairs for One-Stop Service of Bachelor Administration and developing virtual university programs for education in the 21st century.
Main Library The Main Library was newly opened in March 2016 as a three-story building with one basement level, and is doing its best to respond to the changing environment of knowledge and information service with a distribution system of academic information such as book cafes, data rooms (the second floor), information service centers, free reading rooms, and study rooms.
Continuing Education Center Continuing Educuation Center is a university-affiliated lifelong education center representing South Chungcheong Province, providing various programs to develop the talents and aptitudes of local residents so that they can have new jobs and life opportunities. This institute is making utmost efforts to realize lifelong education of local residents by constantly developing educational programs to improve the job skills of the incumbent and to find employment of the unemployed as well as the humanities, cultural and certification of local residents.
Dormitory The Dormitory provides convenience for students to study and raises their character through discipline and orderly communal life, and to that end, it provides personality education programs for social service activities, special lectures on personality education, training programs on human relations, personality and aptitude tests. In addition, a balanced diet is operated for various activities in the government, including open houses and sports competitions, where students are the main pillars, and for students’ discipline. In addition, the purpose of the project is to cultivate the self-governing spirit and to help develop into a true intellectual person.
Sanitation Welfare Service Center The Sanitation Welfare Service Center, which was opened in December 2003, implements new academic integrated clinical services and education by deploying health and welfare service specialized facilities and personnel to provide comprehensive services to the community and directly participating professors and students of related majors. In addition, the center aims to contribute to enhancing the quality of life in the community by providing community service activities, health care for students and faculty members, and various welfare services.
Handicapped Student Support Center The Handicapped Students Support Center was established to support disabled students’ college life. To this end, the Office for the Support for Disabled Students provides support for teaching-learning and college life. In addition, the government is making professional and diverse efforts to improve the quality of life for disabled students and to understand the disabilities of the general public, including efforts to improve the awareness of the disabled and improve the convenience of mobility.