Department of Traditional Performing Arts

The Department of Traditional Performing Arts at Sehan University conducts academic research on the traditional cultural arts of singing (ga), dancing (mu), and music (ak) while providing diverse and systematic education to maximize performance abilities. The department aims to cultivate comprehensive professional artists who can meet the demands of the new era, inherit traditional performing arts, and contribute to making the country a cultural powerhouse in the global market.
• Educational Goals:
  • Leading the future content industry and cultivating traditional arts professionals with global competence.
• Ideal Qualities and Core Competencies:
  • A traditional arts volunteer with sound character
  • a self-directed traditional arts professional who grows
  • a traditional arts volunteer with sound character.
• Department Specialization: Tradition is the root of modernity, and modernity is the evolved form of tradition.
  • Cultivating creative talents of the new Korean Wave through the development of regional contents
  • Fostering professional artists through practical training and various field experiences in major-related education.
  • Improving the cultural level of local residents through cultural benefits, enjoyment, and educational programs.
  • Supporting regional cultural industry growth and promoting regional collaboration activities through the discovery of region-specific contents and talent development based on the globally recognized Glocal industry.
• Career Prospects after Graduation: Relevant employment fields
  • Performing Artists: Activities as professional performers in national, public, municipal, and national intangible cultural heritage preservation organizations, private artistic organizations, etc.
  • Producers: Planning and administration of artistic organizations, producers, composers, directors, and other professionals in the field of cultural arts.
  • Educators: Practical arts teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools, professors at universities and graduate schools, and leadership roles in education.
• Department Office and Contact Information:
  • Department Office: Tel 041-359-6116, Fax 041-359-6129
  • Department Website: