Department of Nursing

Our department aims to educate specialized nurses who provide therapeutic care to individuals with diverse cultures based on human dignity. Specifically, we have the educational objectives of fostering creative nurses who explore truth, holistic nurses who practice service based on human dignity, and progressive nurses with international perspectives.
• Educational Objectives and Desired Qualities of Graduates:
1) Department Specializations

  • Enhancement of Educational Competence
  • Outstanding Thesis Competition
  • Development and Operation of Health Education Programs: Smoking cessation campaigns and chronic disease education
  • Enhancement Program for Core Nursing Skills: Core nursing skills competition
  • Minerva Academic Club – Evidence-based nursing research
  • Development and Operation of Industry-Academia Cooperative Education Programs
  • Academic Conferences
  • Academic Improvement Programs

2) Enhancement of Internationalization Competence

  • Global Track Education Program (Intensive English, Intensive Chinese, Medical Interpreter)
  • Overseas Exchange Student Program – English-speaking and Chinese-speaking countries

3) Department Adaptation Program

  • Personality and Career Aptitude Tests
  • Learning Diagnosis and Counseling
  • Character Education: Cultural heritage site visits, water sports, martial arts education, community medical services
  • Autonomous Seminars on Departmental Adaptation in the Curriculum

4) Enhancement of Employability Competence

  • Operation of Non-curricular Certification Courses: BLS Provider, Medical Manager, Self Leadership, Smiling Coaching Leader Course, MOS Certification Course
  • CEO Guest Lectures
  • Simulated Hospital Interviews, Resume and Self-introduction Competitions
  • Scholarships for Outstanding Foreign Language Proficiency
• Career Paths and Obtaining Certifications after Graduation:
1)Career Paths after Graduation

  • Clinical nurses in national, public, and private medical institutions, public health officers in central ministries and local governments, research nurses, insurance claims nurses, case managers, industrial nurses, military nursing officers, specialized nurses (in 13 areas), international careers (as a nurse in the United States)

2) Obtained Certifications

  • Registered Nurse License (Ministry of Health and Welfare), Health Education Teacher Certification, Hospital Coordinator Certification, Health Education Specialist Certification, Specialized Nurse Certification after Graduate School (Home Care, Infection Control, Public Health, Elderly Care, Industrial Nursing, Emergency, Mental Health, Critical Care, Hospice, Oncology, Pediatrics, Clinical, Anesthesia)
• Department Office and Other Information:
  • Department of Nursing Office: 061)469-1318, 1472
  • Sehan University Department of Nursing Website: