Department of Early Childhood Education

The Department of Early Childhood Education is a program that prepares students to become qualified teachers for public and private kindergartens and daycare centers, equipped with expertise in understanding and supporting the holistic development of young children based on psychological, sociocultural, and philosophical research and knowledge of child development and teaching methods. The department provides opportunities for various classroom observations and educational internships in collaboration with early childhood education and childcare institutions to cultivate professional early childhood educators.
• Career Paths after Graduation:
  • Upon successfully completing the entire curriculum of the department, students graduate with a Level 2 Professional Teacher certification for kindergartens, Level 2 certification for daycare teachers, as well as three additional certifications in computer proficiency, storytelling instruction, and reading discussion facilitation. Graduates can work as early childhood education professionals and demonstrate their expertise as program coordinators in early childhood education institutions operated by the government or foundations. They can also pursue careers as educators in related organizations and companies. Additionally, they can engage in activities such as teaching early childhood education as a specialized professor in graduate schools, establishing and operating kindergartens and daycare centers, working as program facilitators, professional development trainers, or children’s book authors, and specializing in storytelling and recreational activities.
• Department Office and Others:
  • Department Office Contact: 061-469-1609
  • Department Website: