Department of Human Services

The Human Services Department at Sehan University aims to cultivate professionals in social services who meet the demands of our society. The department focuses on the integration of human-centered academic disciplines, specializing in family counseling based on social welfare foundations and art therapy. By nurturing versatile and well-rounded individuals with expertise in these fields, we aim to produce community human service professionals that meet the needs of our society.
• Educational objectives:
  • Cultivating leaders in local community welfare counseling with specialized knowledge and practical skills in family counseling and art therapy based on social welfare foundations.
• Departmental specialization:
1) Experts

  • Exploring theoretical knowledge and academic research that provide social services based on problem-solving in local communities.
  • Learning human behavior and psychological processes.
  • Understanding contemporary society and developing future insights through interdisciplinary integration.

2) Practitioners

  • Practical education based on understanding, respect, and compassion for individuals.
  • Applying psychological counseling and art therapy education to the local community through practical training.

3) Integration-oriented

  • Establishing a healthy community through collaboration with experts in other fields.
  • Integrating social welfare-based academic disciplines with other services in an organic manner.
• Career paths after graduation:
  • Social welfare civil servant: Social welfare civil servant, private welfare organizations.
  • Public welfare agencies: Multicultural centers, family support centers, social service agencies.
  • Art therapists: Psychological counseling centers, art therapy centers.
  • Health care and nursing: Nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities.
  • School counselors: Career paths in educational administration, youth counselors, family counselors.
  • Global social activities: International social welfare, overseas volunteering.
• Department Office and Other Information:
  • Department Office: 061-469-1254
  • Department Website