Department of Special Education

Special Education (특수교육과) is an educational field that focuses on providing suitable educational programs and services to students who have difficulties reaching educational goals through regular curriculum and teaching methods. It is divided into various areas based on disabilities, such as Visual Impairment Education, Hearing Impairment Education, Physical Disability Education, Intellectual Disability Education, and Emotional/Behavioral Disorder Education. This department collaborates with nearby special schools, special classes, disability welfare centers, and specialized childcare facilities to provide diverse and systematic field practicum and volunteer activities, aiming to train special education teachers equipped with professional knowledge and personal qualities.
• Educational Objectives:
  • The educational objective is to train specialized special education teachers who possess the professional and personal qualities necessary to guide students with special educational needs.
• Key Competencies:
1) Departmental Specialization

  • Mentorship program between seniors and juniors
  • Yearly practicum programs coordinated with special schools
  • Coaching program for in-service teachers
  • Special lectures by special education experts and alumni
  • Visits to advanced special education institutions
  • Special lectures and study groups on special education certification exams
  • Mentorship program by alumni for employment after graduation
  • Exhibition and demonstration competitions for instructional materials and teaching methods
  • Career guidance and qualification acquisition after graduation

2) Career Opportunities after Graduation:

  • Teachers in special classes for elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Teachers in special schools for elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Special education teachers in special education support centers within education offices
  • Special education teachers in disability welfare centers and specialized childcare facilities
  • Special education administrators
  • Graduate school opportunities

3) Certifications:

  • Special School (Elementary) Level 2 Certified Teacher
  • Special School (Middle School) Level 2 Certified Teacher
  • Dual certification or multiple certifications available for Special School (Elementary and Middle School)
  • Dual certification available for Middle School Teachers (Technical, Physical Education, Design)
  • Dual certification available for Kindergarten Teachers
• Contact Information:
  • Department Office: Tel. 061-469-1350 / Fax: 061-469-1353
  • Department Office Location: Information Building, Yeongam Campus, Room 8307
  • Department Website:
  • Department Daum Cafe: