Department of AI Content Design

The Department of AI Content Design educates designers with expertise in various design fields suitable for the smart era, including foundational design, UI/UX design, service design, video design, 3D design, and AR/VR design. The department aims to cultivate designers with creative and interdisciplinary skills to adapt to the rapidly changing demands of the 4th industrial revolution, where the convergence of art, technology, and culture is accelerating. The department offers customized career education programs to respond to industry needs.
• Educational Goals:
  • Cultivate “creative and site-specific designers” with comprehensive thinking ability, communication skills, and creative ideation based on expressive capabilities.
  • Train global visual artists equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge valued in future societies.
  • Develop diligent and ethical professionals who actively lead innovative visual arts.
  • Foster culture and art professionals who communicate with society.
• Ideal Traits and Core Competencies:
1) Ideal Traits:
  • Culture and art professionals with integrated expertise
  • Professionals who create practical value
  • Professionals who effectively communicate
  • Forward-thinking global citizens
2) Core Competencies:
  • Understanding of consumers
  • Design planning and development
  • Personal and professional development of designers
  • Project management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving and collaborative teamwork
• Department Specialization:
  • Emphasis on employment and practicality: Fostering design majors with excellent industrial field experience through internships during vacation periods.
  • Utilization of the internet, foreign language proficiency, and understanding of diverse cultures to operate an advanced design education system that meets globalization requirements.
  • Aim to become the top design department in terms of diligence and character, focusing on student satisfaction in both national and international education.
  • Regular special lectures by renowned artists and industry designers to provide practical education.
  • Enhance practical competence and skills through industry-academia collaboration and experiential learning.
  • Actively encourage participation and award-winning in nationwide and international design competitions to develop professionalism as design experts.
• Career Prospects after Graduation:
  • Graduates can pursue various fields such as UX/UI design, application development, web design, video design, design research institutes, design studios, 3D design, brand design, graphic design, advertising design, illustration, character design, game graphics, VR/AR/MR, individual creators, package design, editorial design, book design, industrial design, and pure creative activities.
• Department Office and Contact Information:
  • Department Office: 041-359-6135
  • Department Website:
  • Department Office Email: