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The School of International Exchange held a briefing on the extension of students' login card

2024-05-01 15:53
At 2:30 PM on April 24th, the International Exchange Institute held a briefing meeting to international students on the extension of students' login card. Each class of Undergraduate, master and PHD sent 1~2 representatives to attend the meeting. The conference will be held both online and offline (non-student representatives such as the centralized teaching system will attend the conference online).

At the presentation, Park Xiuzhen, president of the International Exchange Institute, and Yu Liping, vice president of the International Exchange Institute, introduced to the student representatives the materials required for the extension of the login card, and introduced the template styles of deferred materials to the students. Finally, the list of students with the next login card was attached to remind them to prepare the required materials in advance.

After that, Professor Yu Liping, vice president of the Institute of International Exchange, introduced the various activities and lectures prepared by the university for international students, and hoped that international students would actively participate in them.

At the presentation, Professor Yu Liping patiently answered the questions of each student's life, and hoped that everyone's study abroad life would be full of colorful experiences, gain knowledge, friendship and growth, and become an unforgettable time in their life.

After the meeting, the dean and vice dean of the International Exchange Institute had coffee with the student representatives of each class to learn more about the problems encountered by the students in their study life and give solutions.