Announcement of the International Exchange college in the first semester of the 2024 academic year 15:

2024-05-01 15:59
Dear students and students,
Announcement of international Exchange college.

According to the Lingyan County Health Care Institute, due to the continuous occurrence of measles in South Korea, please ask foreign students to assist in the prevention and management.

In accordance with Article 2 of the "Laws related to the Prevention and Management of Infectious Diseases", the Disease Management Department has designated "measles" as a level 2 infectious disease for management.

Recently, measles occurred in foreign students (6 people occurred in the same university, subject to " 24.4.16.), which needs to prevent and pay attention to the epidemic of measles in South Korea.

Measles was originally an eliminated infectious disease in South Korea, but it has recently been affected by increased overseas exchanges after contact with overseas visitors and patients ("8 in 23 years, 6 in 24 years"). In order to prevent the occurrence of measles patients in universities with a large number of foreign students, the following assistance requirements will be introduced. Please actively assist.

-When overseas students have suspected symptoms of measles, such as fever, rash, cough, they should stop attending medical school within 4 days when they visit medical institutions and classify suspected patients of measles.

-Application for measles vaccination, vaccination is a self-funded project, a second dose of vaccine is needed four weeks after the completion of the one shot, and the total cost of the two doses is 22,500 won. Now start solitaire, if more than 50 students, Mupo Central Hospital will send doctors to the school to give vaccination!



Sehan University, International Exchange college