Sehan University School Sports Instructor - Baseball Coach Recruitment Notice

2023-11-27 20:06

[Recruitment Category and Qualifications]

Recruitment Area: Sehan University School Sports Instructor - Baseball Coach Number of Positions: 1 Eligibility and Restrictions for Applicants:

a. Possession of a Level 2 or higher Professional Sports Instructor (Game Instructor) qualification.

b. Individuals who can accept the school's operational policies and foster the baseball skills and character of student-athletes.

c. Individuals without disqualification for registration as a director or coach with the Korea Baseball Softball Association and KBO.

d. Individuals not subject to employment restrictions based on the results of a criminal record check related to sexual offenses under the Law on the Protection of Children and Youth against Sexual Abuse.

e. Individuals not subject to employment restrictions based on the results of a criminal record check related to child abuse under the Child Welfare Act.

f. Individuals with no disqualifying results from a physical examination according to the regulations.

g. Individuals not disciplined for improper conduct such as receiving money, gifts, or favors.

h. Individuals with coaching experience of 5 years or more (as a coach or manager) in professional baseball or as a national team player or coach at a university.

[Application Period and Submission Method]

Application Period: From November 28, 2023 (Tuesday) to December 04, 2023 (Monday) Submission Method: Email ( Contact: General Affairs Division, Office of Student Affairs, Sehan University (Phone: 041-359-6015) After submitting by email, confirm receipt with the responsible person (Phone: 041-359-6015)

[Required Documents]

a. Documents for the 1st round of document screening

  1. Application form and self-introduction letter (1 copy, university-designated format, Form 1)

  2. Baseball team operation plan (1 copy, university-designated format, Form 2)

  3. Student-athlete coaching plan (1 copy, university-designated format, Form 3)

  4. Certification of coaching and coaching experience with the baseball team (1 copy, if applicable)

  5. Certificate of competition achievements (1 copy, if worked as a coach)

  6. Copy of Level 2 or higher Professional Sports Instructor (Baseball) certificate (1 copy)

  7. Certificate of overall physical fitness (1 copy)

  8. Certificate of professional team player career, national team player coaching career (1 copy, if applicable)

[Selection Process]

Document Screening: Evaluate the eligibility and career of applicants. Interview: Evaluate the applicant's demeanor, sincerity, professional knowledge and attitude, and potential for development. Results of each stage of the selection process will be individually notified only to successful candidates. If necessary, a presentation interview on the baseball team and student-athlete coaching plan will be conducted.

[Working Conditions]

Position: Educational Civil Service (Fixed-term) Salary: To be determined based on coaching experience, baseball team operation, and coaching plan. Working Hours: 5 days a week, 8 hours a day (09:00~18:00, including a 1-hour break)

[Other Matters]

According to Article 11 of the Act on Fair Hiring Procedures, documents submitted by email will not be returned. Even if selected as the final candidate, if disqualification reasons are discovered through a disqualification inquiry, employment physical examination, document verification, etc., the acceptance may be canceled. The responsibility for errors or omissions in the information provided in the submitted documents lies with the applicant. If there are no qualified individuals, selection may not be made.

President of Sehan University