Introduction and Application Guide for the Early Employment Attendance Recognition System

2023-11-27 20:05

In accordance with the regulations concerning academic affairs, for prospective graduates who engage in early employment (including entrepreneurship, internships, and government-funded education) and meet the attendance recognition criteria, we introduce the attendance recognition system that allows the approval of attendance during the specified period by the president. Please refer to the following details.

Eligibility for Applicants

  1. Applicable to the last semester (4th semester of the 4th year) under Article 56, Paragraph 1 of the academic regulations, excluding the summer semester.

  2. Applicable to prospective graduates engaged in early employment, entrepreneurship, or other conditions listed below (hereinafter referred to as "early employees"), as outlined in the last semester. However, those admitted based on the previous day's enrollment unit are excluded from the eligibility criteria.

    • Early employees, 1. Individual entrepreneurs, 2. Those engaged in employment-related internships and government-funded education participants.