Purpose of establishment

As part of providing various opportunities necessary for learning, it relieves the difficulties and the burden of living expenses that come from commuting or living on their own. The dormitory also provides convenience to students in the study environment and supports them to have a sense of discipline and order through community life.

div Domitory Room Number of rooms Capacity
Men’s Dormitory Wangin Haksa 4人 81 324
MUdeung Haksa 2人 225 450
Women’s Dormitory Yudal Haksa 4人 68 272
Dosun Haksa 2人 125 250
Int’l Haksa 2人 156 312
1. Room Condition
LAN (Internet), desks, chairs, bookshelves, beds, closets, shoe racks, trash cans, air conditioners, etc.


2. Welfare Facilities
Library, laundry room, washroom, shower room and toilet (women’s living room is individual space), TV-Room, cold and water heater, pay phone, beverage vending machine, coffee vending machine, canteen, basketball court, emergency medicine, microwave (male/female), table tennis court