Faculty of Arts

Department of Applied Music

〉 Introduce
ㆍSehan University educates practical musicians who are growing up as the leaders of future societies, and excellent professors teach students

〉 Department Characteristics

ㆍtop-level curriculum

The Department of Practical Music produces the most outstanding pop artist through the highest-level curriculum as a four-year regular university in Korea.

ㆍthe best faculty

The Department of Practical Music has invited the best faculty that cannot be compared to other universities to provide various educational environments in theoretical and practical education

ㆍHaving a variety of equipment of the highest quality and a practice room

The Department of Practical Music provides pleasant private practice rooms and ensemble practice rooms for each part so that students can practice and perform solo. In addition, students can practice making records through recording studios in the latest facilities, and experience professional performances using various equipment.

ㆍDispatch of exchange students from overseas sisterhood alliance universities (payment of scholarship)

The department of practical music sends exchange students through sisterhood relationship with overseas universities, and provides a lot of support and effort to the actual performance experience of the students.

ㆍbenefits of various scholarships

The Department of Practical Music provides a lot of support to the welfare of students with various scholarship benefits, academic scholarships and work scholarships when they enter the college.

ㆍSehan University, such as Seo In-guk, VOS, Tracks, Battle, Seo In-young, and Kim Ji-soo, graduates of Sehan University, are making every efforts to help students enter the broadcasting industry.

〉 postgraduate career

Students have access to various careers after graduation. i.e.) Practical music-related professionals such as pop music singers, vocalists, drums, bates, guitar, keyboard, chorus, professional performers and professor instructors, advertising music composers, concert performers, studio sessions, choirs, musical singers, singer-songwriters, songwriters, songwriters, arrangementists, sound engineers, programmers, professional instructors, music directors
Department of Cartoon & Computer Animation

〉 Introduce
Modern people are living in an era of simple, speed-based visual communication. The purpose of the program is to educate professionals who study and produce cartoons, 2D, and 3D animations that are in the spotlight so that they can contribute to the development of the cultural and artistic industries in modern society. It is a core comprehensive art that conforms to the multiplication tendency of modern art, and trains writers, planning and production experts to plan, produce, and write new technology contents of value-added creative multimedia that the future era demands. In addition, experts in the field of cartoon animation art are trained through theory and practice on the raw materials, significance, and value of cartoon art.


〉 departmental characteristics
Students will learn not only expertise but also realistic future cartoon and cultural industry contents through this training.


〉 Postgraduate career
Cartoon animation culture and arts education teacher, webtoon writer, cartoonist, character producer, fairy tale writer, 2d,3d, game animation production, director and producer, film, drama special effects editing, broadcasting company promotion, advertisement planning, newspaper company.
Department of Korean Traditional Performing Arts

〉 Introduce
The Department of Traditional Performances at Sehan University conducts various education programs to academically study the songs, dances and music of traditional culture and arts, and to enhance students’ performance. Through this, students can become an all-round professional artist who can live up to the new era, inherit traditional entertainment culture and develop into a cultural power in the global market.


〉 departmental characteristics
ㆍTradition is the root of modern times, and modernity is an evolving tradition.
ㆍPromoting New Hallyu Creative Talent by Developing Regional Contents
ㆍTraining professional artists through various practical and practical education through major education
ㆍImproving the cultural level through cultural benefits, enjoyment, and provision of education for the local people
ㆍBased on the global industry that is drawing global attention, local linkage activities through the discovery of regional specialized contents and the development of human resources, and support the growth of local cultural industries.


〉 postgraduate career
ㆍPerformers – Activities as professional performers through national, public and municipal governments, national intangible cultural festival conservation groups, private arts organizations, etc
ㆍProducers – advance into various professional human resources in the field of culture and arts, including planning and administration of art organizations, producers, composers, and directors
ㆍEducators – activities of leaders such as practical teachers at elementary, middle and high schools, professors at universities, graduate schools, etc.
Dept. of Design
〉 Introduce
The department of design, along with digital and biotechnology, has rapidly emerged as a key industrial area in the future. The criterion of value order in the 21st century is based on starting from beauty, and the latent artistry within human beings creates a new culture. Through this design education, the sound culture will be rooted in the new future society, and students will learn the artistic, technological, and scientific functional parts of design so that they can play a role as experts who lead the field in line with the era of globalization and advanced industrialization of information services. Detailed majors include visual information design major, industrial/product design major, public/environmental design major.


〉 Departmental characteristics
ㆍDepartment focused on employment and practicality: Promoting people who have a good sense of industrial field through on-the-job training (interns) during the vacation.
ㆍThe department provides advanced design education system that responds to globalization through Internet utilization, foreign language ability and understanding of various cultures. ㆍAs a design department with the best sincerity and personality, it aims to rank first in national and international educational satisfaction.
ㆍThis department provides hands-on education by providing regular special lectures invited by famous artists and working designers.
ㆍStrengthen practical skills through industry-academic-linked learning by taking advantage of the characteristics of practical studies.
ㆍThis department educates students to develop into design experts by actively encouraging them to win and participate in national and international contests.


〉 postgraduate career
Design research institute, video design company, advertising agency, advertising agency, illustrator (writer), animation design company, packaging design company, editorial design company, freelance designer, CG advertising company, TV -C F company (CF director), newspaper, magazine company, event company, various design specialist companies, electronics company, interior company, ceramics company, ceramics company, ceramics company, lighting equipment company, environmental design company, furniture, display design company, display design company
Department of Marine Leisure

〉 Introduce
Currently, the demand for professionals in related industries who have acquired systematic and professional knowledge is increasing rapidly in line with the popularization of sports leisure industry and the change in leisure life patterns of the people. Thus, the Department of Marine Leisure at Sehan University educates professionals with academic expertise and practicality. The departmental curriculum encourages students to acquire the overall knowledge of the sports leisure industry, including the operation and management of the sports industry, the operation and support of leisure facilities, the planning and practice of sports events, the coordination and operation of yachts and powerboats, marina management and leisure business, and resort hotel work, and to become the best professional manpower to lead the future sports leisure industry.


〉 Departmental characteristics
ㆍThe central role of the sports leisure industry
ㆍthe excellent leisure environment of the southwest coast, such as beautiful scenery and coastal areas. ㆍThe development of various sports industries due to changes in the public’s awareness of tourism and leisure.
ㆍIncreased demand for professionals due to the expansion of the foundation of the future sports leisure industry
ㆍLeading industries such as sports and marine leisure, tourism and leisure, operation and education of sports facilities, etc.
ㆍTraining of professionals in the sports leisure industry
ㆍTraining of experts in marine leisure and tourism operation and management
ㆍTraining of professional sports training personnel
ㆍTraining professional sports leisure safety management personnel


〉 Postgraduate career
ㆍ(large) Safety management staff, such as hotels and resorts (Seoul, Gyeonggi, Chungnam, etc.)
ㆍUnderwater therapist
ㆍSwimming instructor (including survival swimming)
ㆍMarine Rescue and Water Safety Staff
ㆍOperators and Educators of Public and Private Sports Facilities
ㆍSports Promotion Agency
ㆍKorea Sports Industry Development Co., Ltd.
ㆍKorea Institute of Sports Policy Science
ㆍSeoul Metropolitan Area Facilities Management Corporation
ㆍNational Youth Training Center and National Student Maritime Training Center
ㆍSports Instructor Specialized Instructor Related to Sports
ㆍAfter-school teachers (elementary and secondary sports guidance)
ㆍGraduate school (training physical education teachers and university professors)
ㆍthe field of sports exhibition
ㆍSports Marketing Event Company
Department of Taekwondo

〉 Introduce
Taekwondo harmoniously pursues two propositions: modern re-creation of traditional ideas and application and development of cutting-edge learning. The establishment of the Taekwondo department and the development of world-class taekwondo are promoted in accordance with the 21C information age. It also educates competent leaders with a firm view of the state and world that can contribute to the development of world-class taekwondo by developing taekwondo competition skills and guidance skills.


〉 Departmental characteristics
Objective: To educate practical talent who leads the community.
1.Through the academic and cultural nature of Taekwondo, which contains the unique spirit of Korea, students are encouraged to grow intellectually and emotionally. In addition, students are trained to have international ability to help develop the world of Taekwondo by developing original game skills and coaching skills.
2.Training taekwondo leaders with creative, communicative and enterprising capabilities


〉 Postgraduate career
The department of Taekwondo sets three educational goals based on “Cultivation of Practical Human Resources Leading the Local Society” as follows:
1.Training practical people with healthy physical and mental health based on human respect
2.Training taekwondo leaders with expertise, communication, creation, and enterprising skills
3.Training local working-level experts with global capabilities