Office of the President

President’s Greeting
Good day!

 Welcome to the homepage of Sehan University. Since our founding in 1994 with the enthusiasm of Dr. Kyung-Soo Lee, founder of Sehan University, with the continuous efforts and changes with sister schools such as Mokpo Women’s School of Medicine and Mokpo Science University, 26 undergraduate programs, graduate school of the department, master’s and doctoral programs are currently held along with Yeongam Campus in Jeonnam, Dangjin Campus and Tenjin Campus in China which is becoming a job-oriented university by fostering fit human resources needed by the national society so that the challenge of students can be realized with our university. Therefore, in the local community, we expect our university to work and sweat together for regional developmen

 In order to cultivate high-quality talents, our university is to become a nationwide university that specializes in job hunting by considering and working with all faculty and staff. In the meantime, as a university leading the employment through university specialization such as the Faculty of Police Safety, the Faculty of Aeronautics, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Health and Sanitation, and the Faculty of Education, we have already achieved great results. Today, however, universities are requested for the constant renewal and innovation growth.

 In addition to the founding philosophy, we have been building a achievement one by one, taking the university concentrated on students as the basic value. In 2019, it showed its one of achievement as an excellently accredited university, and we will not be afraid of any changes by reflecting on “Challenge and Responsiveness” that Toinbee preached without being satisfied with this. Because success requires a price. Rather than urgently at a given time, we will move forward step by step with long-term plans and goals to prepare for the future. The result of employment after graduation is the result obtained through the sweat and passion of the university curriculum. For this reason, we will show you business oriented education that will create academic achievement and build the foundation for students to stand on their own feet by focusing on education and practice while students are in university.

 In addition, our university will make its utmost effort for students to adapt to the internationalization era by doubling its basic competency through success of the program of global multicultural talent development with international exchange programs and new ideas so that students can become a leader of the 4th industrial revolution with its vision and practical ability. We hope you can fulfill your dreams at our university where tomorrow’s hopes await.
There will be no regret for the future with Sehan University

President of Sehan University Seunghun, Lee